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Jamal Summers


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2019 - Master of Science with Honours (Geology) - University of Canterbury
2017 PG DIP Science - UC
2016 - Bachelor of Science (Geology) - UC
2012 Hillmorton Highschool

Surveying (Aerial & Field)
MS Office word - excel
Agisoft PRO
Maps Made Easy

General Executive for UCGS University of Canterbury
Basketball Team Captain & Coach
Musician (Guitars, piano, sound engineer)

English (Fluent)
Spanish (Intermediate)

I am talented graduate with a diverse skill set looking to carve out a foothold in a progressive company. I am passionate in working with new technology and learning new skills for any application. Whether it be for the maintenance of utilities, resource exploration and the development of hydrocarbons, mineral, ores, water etc. or disaster risk mitigation.
I have experience in teaching classrooms and demonstrating lessons on field trips. I have managed research and sports teams. I am committed to learning resource exploration and the remediation of environmental issues of natural hazards and investigating past climate changes to forecast potential futures. Ultimately looking to progress into a leadership position that will test my skills and deliver value to an outstanding organization.

MSc. thesis focussed on mapping blind hydrothermal energy systems using UAVs and Satellites with infrared/ thermal optics. Recorded data involved soil CO2 & temperature with surface temperature that was processed using my python analytical code. The thesis had a wide scope and forced me to get comfortable with a wide range of scientific disciplines: geology, electromagnetic physics, electrical engineering, biology, chemistry, environmental science, computer science and geographic information science.

Masters thesis 1 year from 2019 to 2020.
Research topic: Assessing the potential application of remote sensing and field surveying in identifying blind low enthalpy geothermal systems in Harihari, New Zealand (2019).
Highlights of the study were:

Designed flight paths and flew UAVs with IR and thermal cameras.
Developed aerial mosaics of RGB photos, NDVI, thermal maps and videos.
Created 3-D model of geothermal river system.
Sample soil using Li-COR 820 CO2 gas flux analyzer and thermometers.
Used ArcGIS to create soil temperature and soil CO2 maps.
Developed a model using kriging analysis, ANOVA and probability.
Used multispectral satellite imagery with UAV survey.
Developed code in python to conduct the statistical analysis.
Delivered a presentation and successfully defended my work.

Post Graduate Diploma Field Studies ~1 month total (2) during 2017
Mt. Ruapehu (Volcano), NZ - Kaikoura Fault System, NZ
Presented field research project: How does mineral alteration affect
the compressive strength of rocks.
Lab demonstrator.
Teacher and marked exams/ reports.
Field trip demonstrator: Developed a field test for the students.

GIS for Disaster Risk and Resilience field trip (1 week in 2017)
Developed hazard models on flooding, landslides and ash fall for risk, through
vector and raster spatial analysis.
Delivered a presentation & report on disaster risk management.

Undergraduate Field Studies, 1-2 weeks each (4) between 2014-2016
Glens of Tekoa syncline valley, NZ - Westcoast Volcanics, NZ
Castle Hill, Canterbury, NZ - Otago Southern Formation, NZ
Mapped and examined rock formations (structure, texture, composition) in the field.
Wrote reports based on field data, previously published literature and thin sections
to interpret regional geological history.
Lab and field trip assistant/ marker.


Mathematics Active Tectonics and Geomorphology
Coal and Petroleum Geoscience GIS for Environmental Geohazards and Risk Management
GIS for Geothermal and Ore Exploration Engineering and Ore Mining Geology
Structural Geology and Global Geophysics Foundations of Engineering
Depositional Environments and Stratigraphy Magmatic Systems and Volcanology

2019-20 - Lab Instructor, University of Canterbury, NZ
2019-20 Sports referee and strength coach, NZ
2017-20 Kitchen hand, Dubba Dubba, NZ
2017-19 - Primary School Volunteer Guitar Teacher, NZ
2015 - Lab Assistant, University of Canterbury, NZ

Jamal Summers

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