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Dale Elenteny

Hovland, MN, USA

Recent graduate and natural resources employee seeking a position in GIS.

Graduate Certificate in GIS, Utah State University (May 2021)
Utilized Esri products including ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, and StoryMaps
Searched for and imported open-source GIS data layers for analysis and evaluation
Acquired, managed, and analyzed raster, vector, and tabular data
Mastered the principles of remote sensing and raster data
Created and applied queries to analyze, tidy, and filter data
Collected independent data with mobile devices
Located and acquired open-source GIS data
Created and managed databases
Consulted metadata and external sources to contextualize data attributes
Communicated research results in written reports and Esri StoryMaps
Designed independent workflows
Verified accuracy of both input and output data
Worked with spreadsheet data in Microsoft 365 Suite, including in MS Access and MS Excel
Interpreted data through spatial and statistical analysis
Applied cartography, maps, and data presentation
Wrote Python scripts in ArcGIS and Jupyter Notebook

Senior Field Instructor, Second Nature Wilderness Therapy (January 2017 June 2020)
Coordinated logistics, safety, and expedition plans to create a therapeutically meaningful experience for students
Maintained professionalism and composure in stressful situations, including: managing inclement weather and exposure in the wilderness; responding to clinical and medical emergencies; supervising and giving clinical support to emotionally escalated adolescents
Managed and mediated conflict between students to coach emotional intelligence and communication
Facilitated constructive feedback between staff to aid in planning, communication, and cooperative
Generated reports on field conditions, medical concerns, logistical concerns, clinical information, and group stability
Collaborated with supervisors, clinical therapist, logistics staff, and fellow field staff to organize and implement
Trained new staff and students in essential skills
o Worked in remote areas managing weather and other wilderness concerns

Planing Mill Laborer, Hedstrom Lumber Company (October 2020 February 2021)
Collaborated with a team under a supervisor to sort, stack, and package lumber for sale
Compiled tables of lumber output to be referenced for sales and revenue

Professional experience and skill in written and oral communication, group management, emotional processing, and conflict resolution
Data tracking, management, analysis, and manipulation
Professional experience collaborating with a team and implementing directives of a supervisor

Dale Elenteny

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